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Sea Transportation

Driven facility of our company is container transportation. We donate our knowledge and experience in this field to our customers in order to render them qualitative, competitive and reliable services. Either through our best-deal contracts with leading carriers or through our worldwide agents, we are proud of serving our clients at the most competitive manner without sacrificing from the quality. » Detaylar...


International Road Transport

Road transportation also allows you to benefit from transportation services with affordable costs. As NSD International Transport And Trade Inc., we are offering you practical solutions in this area with our strong road transportation network. » Detaylar...


Air Transport

With our principle of meeting customers’ faster delivery and competitive price expectations through quality service and economic solutions and as a result of the ever-increasing competition in the globalized world trade, NSD International Transport And Trade Inc. has made necessary investments and has succeeded in meeting all kinds of demands. This has enabled us to offer both airport and door delivery Airfreight Transportation services, with different airlines and varying transit period options, all over the world. » Detaylar...


National Inland Transportation

NSD International Transport And Trade Inc as support in logistics and import and export process, both in the domestic FTL and LTL needs of customers to produce solutions can provide domestic logistics services. » Detaylar...


Chartering Ship Brokering

As one of the independent ship brokering companies of Istanbul, our company, whose primary area of expertise is dry cargo brokering, is proud of offering highly qualified, professional and reliable services in every aspect of maritime to our customers with the supports of service network consisting of global and reliable brokers and ship-owners. We keep on running services of ship brokerage of dry cargo throughout many regions, including Mediterranean, Black Sea, Continent(Europe), Persian Gulf, North and West Africa. » Detaylar...


Bulk And Project Shipments

Our company is an expert in bulk and project shipments. We can offer solutions at best prices for your over sized cargoes which are not convenient for FCL or LCL container transportation such as machineries, transformers, pipes, construction materials and engines etc. We can also offer door deliveries, chartering, stevedoring and insurance as value added services » Detaylar...


Multimodal & Intermodal Transportation

Sometimes it may not be economical or effective to use a single transportation for shipping needs. Multimodal and Intermodal Transportation can be described as fast, safe and economical ways of delivering through the use of one or more transportation units and different transportation methods. Turkey is located at a transit passage point for Europe, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan and Northern Cyprus due to its geopolitical position. This is one of the most important reasons why Turkey focuses on Intermodal and Multimodal Transportation. » Detaylar...


Refrigerated Cargo Transportation

With its necessary knowledge and experience about transporting all heat-sensitive and food products, NSD International Transport And Trade Inc. organizes cargo whilst offering the best prices, transit period advantages and, most importantly, reliable services. During the transportation of products such as drugs and sweets - requiring a constant temperature- and perishable fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen food, meat, and fish, Kaplan controls all necessary stages for maintaining the goods’ optimum conditions and takes all measures against potential problems, ensuring that goods are delivered to customers in the same condition in which they were sent. » Detaylar...


Dangerous Goods Transportation

IMDG (the International Maritime Dangerous Goods code) was issued for the first time in 1965 by the International Maritime Organization. It sets out the terms for the transportation of dangerous goods as well as the transportation of harmful materials by ship, in order to prevent sea pollution. One of the most important points in hazardous material logistics is the fact that there are international laws and legislations regarding these materials. All hazardous material logistics processes must be planned and managed in accordance with these sanctions. These sanctions include applications customized according to material classification » Detaylar...


Container Sales And Leasing

NSD International Transport And Trade Inc. carries out sales and leasing processes for new and second hand 20dc / 40dc/ 40hc standard or special equipments that are in both domestic or free circulation. Available containers are in accordance with sea and land transportation standards as well as in cargo and seaworthy condition. In addition, surveillance certificates indicating compliance with CSC/ ISO/ UIC rules and standards are available upon request. » Detaylar...

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NSD International Transport And Trade Inc. was established in 2015. Despite being a new company, all employees, especially top management, have long years of working experience and in-depth knowledge of shipping due to having worked in well known Agents representing major worldwide shipping lines.